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Jamii is Community

Community Spotlight

At Jamii we want to celebrate the hardworking writers and artist communities who are making a significant change.  Their dedication, consideration, and passion for their art is sorely needed in the world.  Join the local causes or read about the beautiful things that are happening right now.  We love you and thank you for all you do!

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San Bernardino Generation Now

Change begins with a small goal, an aspiration. A goal not for when we mature and grow, but NOW.

More than an organization, San Bernardino Generation Now aims to be a movement that is propelled by a desire and passion to empower our community. We envision a new norm for our city and it begins with a simple goal, to unite for change....

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Garcia Center for the ARts

The Garcia Center for the Arts: to sponsor, promote and sustain the arts in the San Bernardino community

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Soul Sister Revue

A quarterly reading series for established and emerging poets who write in the narrative tradition of storytelling

Inlandia Institute

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